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Diary Dates
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Music Recordings

The Choir has produced several recordings over the years.  The following are details of our current selection.  To find out what tracks are on each disk, please click on the CD cover.

CD - “Jack High”

This CD was made to celebrate the Choir’s 60th Anniversary and contains a compilation of tracks from previous recordings, giving a selection of the Choir’s repertoire over the years.

CD - “180 Years of Song”

This CD was recorded live from Hamilton Town House as part of the Choir’s 60th Anniversary celebrations. Also celebrating Anniversaries at the same time were the Glasgow Philharmonic MVC and Berwick MVC, who were celebrating 80 years and 40 years, respectively.  The Choirs were accompanied by the Hamilton Salvation Army Band.

CD - “You Make Me Feel So Young”

The CD contains a selection of 14 pieces, including the Title Track, from the Choir’s repertoire.

CD - “Straight Mat”

This CD contains an additional selection of 14 pieces from the Choir’s repertoire recorded in 2008.

CD - “In The Ditch”

This our latest CD contains a selection of 16 of the latest pieces from the Choir’s repertoire recorded in 2013.

Jack High 180 Years of Song You make me feel so Young Straight Mat